Mongrel freezing – monitoring tools

My Mongrel staging server ‘freezes’ after 2-3 days of uptime. Nothing in the logs, of course. No abnormal memory usage increase.

The first sollution was: Supervize +  bash script that restarted the server if a http request received a timeout. However, this is an ugly sollution.

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Mootools and prototype on the same page

Prototype and Mootools are 2 of the most used JS frameworks on the web. The bad thing about them is that each of them add/extend objects in the global scope so it is impossible to include them in the same html page. The ‘solutions’ i have found are not reliable since the mootools library is ‘modified’ to

For a Rails project, the first natural choice is Prototype, since you get native support from Rails libraries.  What if you want to use a shiny glamour multi-featured JS gadget writted on top of Mootools on your project? 😀 Something like Slideshow 2 ..

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Apache: Default image if image is not found

The users uploaded images from my web site are kept in a separate folder. The problem is that the folder gets sometimes unsynced between the staging and the production server.

Therefore, i wanted to display a default (‘image not found’) image when one image is not found.

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Hello world!

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