Google Calendar + Thunderbird / Sunbird / Lightning

We all love Google WebApps. Simple, light, fair features, available anywhere anytime.

What about sync between desktop software and google apps? Well, we are mainly speaking about:

  • sync between Calendar and an email/calendar application.
  • sync with Google Docs (offline availability and editing) 

This post is about the first one.

First of all, let me tell you that by ’email client’ i mean a real email/calendar client (like:reliable, ). We will use Mozilla’s sollution (since it’s free, open-source, etc. and it runs on both lin and win) – Thunderbird  . The callendar sollution is either a plugin for Thunderbird (Lightning – this is what we used) or a stand-alone app  (Sunbird).


First option : Google Calendar Provider plugin

Just follow the instructions here . Fairy simple, provides both types of sync (calendar->sunbird and sunbird->calendar). It works like a charm.


  • you  may use a single calendar (Google calendar) or have a local calendar and a Google calendar and just sync between them
  • from plugin options: you may set a less amount of time between syncronisation with google calendar (so that changes in thunderbird to appear faster on web calendar)
  • google calendar can also send notifications to the attendees of a meeting; then, if you set your mobile phone, you can receive by sms the attendee’s responce. We tested it and it really works. Nice, isn’t it? 🙂 Here you may find how to send sms from direclty from Thunderbird


Second option: use Google Calendar API (CalDAV)
Haven’t tested this one yet (since the first option has all the needed features).

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