VPS-like Virtualization sollution for Rails Servers: OpenVZ

This article shows how to create multiple VPS-es using OpenVZ and how to configure those VPS-es as a Rails prod/testing server.

It is an updated and improved version of http://wiki.openvz.org/Quick_installation

Why OpenVZ?

+ low overhead, good performace (claiming only 3% penalty)

+ soft memory allocation

+ free

+ relatively easy to install/manage

– requires both host and to guest OS be  Linux

– no GUI on guest machines

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Complete Ubuntu install for a Ruby on Rails developer (utils, rails, ff addons)

This is a guide on creating a full-featured Ubuntu dev box for RoR. It assumes that you have already installed the latest version of Ubuntu.


sudo apt-get install build-essential
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IE: Unknown file type (request.format rails issue)

Bug description: On IE (and only on IE),  some hml pages are treated as binary files: a ‘unknown file type’ dialog box. The actions where this issue appears render their content after the request type:

respond_to do |format|



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bundle_fu for JS/CSS concatenation/minimisation

One of the ‘best practices’ to speedup your site (suggested also by YSlow) is to minify/compress/concatenate in one file the JS and CSS files.

Rails 2.0 has a new feature for accomplishing this, as shown here.

However, Rails does not provide JS compression. The bundle_fu plugin comes in handy for this, autocompressing the JS files.
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