Java Lists: Group by element property (as Ruby group_by method)

This is a very funny function, similar to group_by from Ruby.
It takes a collection and it transforms to a hash, having keys the property *groupBy*, and values the objects having that property.

A usage example:

collectionToHash(users, "name"); // returns a hash where the keys are the distinct user names, and the values are lists of users having that property.

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Products in multiple categories. Find similar products.

This is a draft

– product model

– product can be inĀ  more than one categories, on multiple levels of the tree (i can attach the product anywhere i want); no restriction on this what so ever.

– categories are organized as a nested set (logical organized as a tree)

Problem: need to find similar products based on this taxonomy; sorting from ‘most similar’ to ‘least similar’
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