Git through SSH port forwarding (SSH tunneling)


A.  you are on a firewalled network, from where you can’t access github (remote port:9418 is not allowed)


B. you want to access a securized git server from home, but your IP is not on the git server’s whitelist.

and, of course, you have ssh access on a server that can do this.


A. Make a ssh tunnel to the git server

Me –> ServerWithSSHAccess –> GitServer

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VPS-like Virtualization sollution for Rails Servers: OpenVZ

This article shows how to create multiple VPS-es using OpenVZ and how to configure those VPS-es as a Rails prod/testing server.

It is an updated and improved version of

Why OpenVZ?

+ low overhead, good performace (claiming only 3% penalty)

+ soft memory allocation

+ free

+ relatively easy to install/manage

– requires both host and to guest OS be  Linux

– no GUI on guest machines

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Rails IDEs issues: change Java interpretor to Sun Java 6 JRE

Sometimes,the Rails (mostly written in Java, like RadRails, RubyMine, 3rd Rail, or Netbeans for Ruby) have some problems running with the default Ubuntu open source java interpretors. You may check the installed java version with:

java -version

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Complete Ubuntu install for a Ruby on Rails developer (utils, rails, ff addons)

This is a guide on creating a full-featured Ubuntu dev box for RoR. It assumes that you have already installed the latest version of Ubuntu.


sudo apt-get install build-essential
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Recover / Export Tomboy Notes

For writing a short ToDo list, taking some notes from a conference or saving an interesting shell command, an Ubuntu user needs a simple sticky notes desktop widget. Tomboy Notes is the easyest to use but in the same time very well featured, and it is bundled in Gnome Desktop.

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Windows live CD

When something goes wrong in Windows (I can’t boot, not even in safe mode), and I really really need that data, the first thing that crosses my mind is to use a Ubuntu Live CD. However, if Win was not shut down correctly, the ntfs partition can not be mounted.

Recovery disks are plenty on the internet. They all come bundled with all kinds of little programs to help you debug/recover your data. What if such a recovery disk would give you a standard win(explorer) inteface, with network access, disk utils, debugging tools? A trully Win Live CD.

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Google Calendar + Thunderbird / Sunbird / Lightning

We all love Google WebApps. Simple, light, fair features, available anywhere anytime.

What about sync between desktop software and google apps? Well, we are mainly speaking about:

  • sync between Calendar and an email/calendar application.
  • sync with Google Docs (offline availability and editing) 

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